Why Choose Us As Your Approved NDIS Provider?

We are working towards the betterment of people 

Since our humble beginnings, we have been fighting to make the living conditions of people in the community better. We have worked with people from diverse backgrounds to improve their quality of live through advocating and providing a range of support to empower them to be active member of their communities. legacy and on-premises infrastructure.

We help people navigate the NDIS and access to services 

Since its roll out in Victoria, we have been helping people navigate the NDIS and have access to services that will improve their quality of live. We have a team of highly trained, compassionate and culturally sensitive support carers ready to work with you to ensure your support needs are met in a humanely and dignified way
Southern Rivers prides itself to be individual-centred service provider, therefore we will work with you and your family to develop plans that take into account your personal needs and priorities. As a culturally sensitive provider who knows and believes in diversity, we respect everyone regardless of their language, cultural or religious backgrounds. What we proud ourselves the most is that we value humanity and believe that everyone fully deserves a dignified, compassionate care regardless of their physical, mental or emotional status. We will support you and provide you the services that best respond to your individual needs.

Our focus is to support the community

Being a not-for-profit organisation and community-centred organisation, we are not in the business for just in the sake of making profit. Our main focus is how to support the community. We attract and recruit the best carers in the industry by paying them above the market rate. We train and coach them so that they can provide they best possible service that our clients need.




Dressing & grooming

Bathroom assistance

Medication assistance

Other non NDIS services

Cooking assistance & meal preparation

Washing & ironing

Skills building

Social Participation

Cleaning Support