Services that we provide are home-based services, which mean that our dedicated carers will come to your home and support you with your needs.


Services that we provide under the NDIS include:


We support our clients move around the house – such as moving from bed or chair to wheelchair or toilet or the backyard.


We provide transportation to take our clients to places like appointment, shopping or leisure centers.

Dressing & Grooming

We assist our clients in getting dressed and ready for the day or going to bed.

Bathroom Assistance

Providing help with your personal care – showering, toileting, teeth cleaning or shaving.

Medication Assistance

Helping to ensure you take the right medication at the correct times.

Cooking Assistance & Meal Preparation

We support our clients in cooking meals and making snacks together.

Cleaning Services

We support our clients with house cleaning and any other associated services.

Skills building

We support our clients in building skills like cooking, cleaning, getting dressed, using a computer or gardening.

Social Participation

We provide supports in helping our clients socialise with the community such as spending time with friends and loved ones or going to the movie or attending a football game.


We help our clients in mowing their backyards and front lawn, backyard.

Washing & Ironing

We provide assistance with laundry and ironing as well as putting clothes on hangers or in the suitcase.

Services Not Covered Under NDIS

We are happy to discuss with our clients if they wish to receive any additional supports that are not covered under the NDIS. Please feel free to let us know and we will work with you ensure these needs are fulfilled.